Click and Grow vs Aerogarden Comparison Review

AeroGarden and Click and Grow supply several of the best interior plant growing devices on the marketplace today. Because of their unique features, finding out which of them is ideal for you can be complicated.

To help you determine, we have actually created this AeroGarden vs Click and Grow comparison and testimonial to see what each brand needs can provide.

We'll be making use of both most similar products from both brands: the Click and Grow 3 as well as the AeroGarden Harvest. These 2 models have a comparable price factor and also design, so we thought they would make an excellent situation research for our contrast of the 2 preferred brands.

Let's go!

System Cost

At the time of this short article, the Click and Grow Smart Yard 3 and the AeroGarden Harvest (in white) are equally matched when it comes to cost.

So for this, we'll call it a draw.

Easy Usage

Both the AeroGarden Harvest and also the Click and Grow 3 have a simple layout and interface. The Click and Grow 3 is so simple to use that all you need to do is add the sheaths, load the storage tank, plug in the system, and also allow the smart garden do the rest.

The AeroGarden Harvest has a lot more personalized controls and while it is likewise very easy to make use of, extra choices can make it a bit more complicated for the beginner.

So while this point is a little arguable, if I had to choose a victor, I would certainly claim the Click and Grow Smart Garden is easier overall.

The Click and Grow 3 is simple enough for your children to find out how to grow interior plants.

Types of Plants Available

Both products have a large selection of plants that can be grown in either system. They both carry natural herbs, vegetables, salad eco-friendlies, and flowers well fit to growing inside your home.

What I like regarding the Click and Grow is they had both dwarf basil and also dwarf peas available. As well as there is a large selection of edibles – as well as a handful of blossoms such as coleus, pansies, petunias, marigolds, as well as moss (which I like!).


The Click and Grow wise garden wins the noise contrast. It is mostly quiet, which implies you do not have to fret about any distracting sounds.

The AeroGarden Harvest's hydroponic system can be a little louder as a result of the motor of the water pump.


The lights on both systems are rather intense, which is good for the plants, yet may. not be so wonderful for you during the night. You can resolve this problem by maintaining the garden in an area that runs out sight from where you rest or kick back at night.

Watering System

The AeroGarden's watering system includes a reservoir and water pump to flow the water in the base of the device as well as feed the plant by the origins. The pump runs automatically for 5 minutes every 25 minutes to oxygenate the water and also guarantee it never ever ends up being stationary. The pump can also be hand started. The water indication will transform red when it's time to re-fill.

The Click and Grow additionally has a huge water storage tank that it makes immediately sprinkle your plants. The seed sheathings have a wicking system near the bottom to attract water approximately your plants. The water is regulated with a drifting indicator that increases as well as drops with the level of the water. There is no pump inside the base, which is why it's quieter than the AeroGarden model. The drifting water sign lets you know when it's time to re-fill the base.


The AeroGarden's hydroponic system makes use of sponges that are loaded with Sphagnum Peat Moss, while the Click and Grow uses a special soil called Smart Soil. Both mediums are created to give the correct amount of oxygen, nutrients, and water that the plant needs to grow. So this one is a draw.

Control board

The Click and Grow control panel is much more simplistic with just a red light sign when you need to add water or refill the nutrients The AeroGarden has a touchscreen panel with illuminated buttons to readjust the light, or let you understand when it's time for a refill or water or nutrients.

As well as while the Harvest is just one of the simpler models, AeroGarden's bigger versions have a lot more levels of modification available.

This point comes down to personal preference if you like it super basic or a couple of additional choices.


Both gardens have a durable plastic body, are visually pleasing, and also will fit easily on your kitchen area counter or a tabletop. Yet the Click and Grow has a much more streamlined appearance that many discover extra eye-catching.

Click and Grow clever gardens are available in white.

So once again this comes down to your personal preference.

Who Wins the Click and Grow vs AeroGarden Contrast?
In my opinion, the Click and Grow Indoor Smart Garden is a much better selection for newbies. Its a very basic way to begin growing plants inside and also a fun way to share the concepts of ranch to table living with the family.

To begin enjoying the your Click and Grow garden today, simply order below:

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